Gerard & Anton Award

Gerard & Anton Award

Gerard & Anton Award 1024 640 Helena

On June 27th, for the sixth time, ten start-ups received the Gerard & Anton Award. A great moment to see how the winners of previous years are doing and who they were again. More first a summary in a number of figures and facts. Since receiving the Awards, the start-ups have:

  • In total raised more than € 100 million in financing
  • Received customers all over the world
  • Created hundreds of jobs in the Brainport region

Because that’s what we can say about the first fifty winners: if you have won a Gerard & Anton Award, your chance of survival increases by a factor of 100. Only 8% of the winners have stopped their company – just look at the usual start-up statistics…

It is no coincidence that investments in Eindhoven-based start-ups have increased by 20%.

Incooling team receiving the award

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