Energy Management for a greener future

Energy Management for a greener future

Energy Management for a greener future 3452 3452 Helena

New green technology startups are popping up globally to provide solutions for effective energy management, in particular, Incooling and Verdigris. ‍

The market is ripe as innovators and scientists are realizing that the climate problem needs practical solutions. With that in mind, startups are being formed specifically for dealing with the issues we face.

Climate change has huge implications for businesses around the globe – even in South Africa. Many companies and global initiatives are taking an ethical stance on the matter, whilst others are more reluctant.

As an aside, one doesn’t even have to a start-up with an innovative idea. Take for example Kasthurie Govender, a Durban mum who penned a climate book for children; showing that we can all do our part.

For the more reluctant companies, startups are providing other selling points, such as reducing costs through energy management to ensure a greener future for our planet.

‍Innovative solutions we can learn from

Still fairly new, Incooling was founded earlier this year but is already reaping success. While not a South African initiative, it does provide an example of what is possible.

‍Based in the Netherlands, Incooling is a new semiconductor startup with technology based on that used in European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN). They operate with CO2 technology in order to cool internal components of a computer.

Incooling have raised more than €630,000 – approximately R9.8m, according to the exchange rate at the time of publishing – through ventures and awards. The team plans to move to Silicon Valley very soon.

Soon enough, cooling systems will not be able to keep up with 3D integrated chips, so essential technology is an answer to future problems. Thermal energy management is vital as it can increase the life span of components.

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