High Tech Hero

High Tech Hero

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High Tech Campus Eindhoven has introduced a new online series High Tech Hero where they will introduce inspiring heroes from High Tech Campus Eindhoven.

This month: Rudie Verweij of start-up Incooling ‘I didn’t have a technical education, but I was always curious about how things really worked, and how I could make things better. When I had my own company in digital marketing and video, I was introduced to start-up accelerator HighTechXL. I really liked going to their events and it triggered me how their startups could make a difference. And now, at the age of 21, I can call myself the CEO of the amazing deep tech start-up Incooling. Based on technology from CERN, we’re developing cooling systems for data centers, where the chip is cooled from the inside out. Soon we’re moving from the HighTechXL office to building HTC 29, to our first office at High Tech Campus Eindhoven. You are very welcome for a cup of coffee! If you’re wondering, which one am I on the picture? I’m the guy in the middle!’

Link to High Tech Hero can be found here.

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