Dutch startup working hard in the field of Energy Transition & E-Mobility 6720 4480 incooling

Dutch startup working hard in the field of Energy Transition & E-Mobility

Since the reduced use of greenhouse gases is a top priority of the Energy Transition,…

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Start-up of the week 2000 471 incooling

Start-up of the week

Startup van de week Incooling koelt chips in datacenters met behulp van technologie die is…

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Incooling tackles the heat 694 463 incooling

Incooling tackles the heat

EINDHOVEN – Cooling computer chips with high-pressure liquid is the future, believes Incooling. Just search…

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High Tech Hero 1600 1066 incooling

High Tech Hero

High Tech Campus Eindhoven has introduced a new online series High Tech Hero where they…

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Energy Management for a greener future 3452 3452 incooling

Energy Management for a greener future

New green technology startups are popping up globally to provide solutions for effective energy management,…

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XL Day 2019 5000 2470 incooling

XL Day 2019

XL DAY Q: Building new DEEP TECH VENTURES in just 9 MONTHS?! Q: Are you…

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Gerard & Anton Award 1024 640 incooling

Gerard & Anton Award

On June 27th, for the sixth time, ten start-ups received the Gerard & Anton Award. A…

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Innovex Dutch flagship contest 2508 1160 incooling

Innovex Dutch flagship contest

During the InnoVEX exhibition 29-31 of May in Taipei, Holland lounge held a local media…

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‘Best Start-up in Benelux’ 575 453 incooling

‘Best Start-up in Benelux’

During 14-16th of May, Incooling took part in the Electronics & Applications (E&A) trade fair…

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Beyond Tech 1280 720 incooling

Beyond Tech

On April 11, Netherlands saw the biggest tech oriented conference yet – Beyond Tech organised…

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