Work with us

We are ambitious and fast-growing start-up in Brainport Eindhoven region and we are continuously looking for new people to join and expand our team! Please refer to the available vacancies below but don’t worry – if you like us and would like to become part of the Incooling family just send us your CV and we will look for opportunities to work together. Here are few reasons why you should consider us:

Fast growing business
International environment
Opportunity to work with deep technology

Current Vacancies

Computer Hardware Expert

We are looking for an individual who is passionate about computer hardware, is familiar with exotic cooling and has a generally good understanding of the different components of computing hardware. Bonus points if you get excited when a new overclocking record is benchmarked while being cooled with LN2.

Clear understanding of high-performance computers
Intrinsic interest in the topic (overclocking and computers)
Basic understanding of water and exotic cooling
Basic understanding of data center infrastructure

Highly valuable:
Hands-on experience in a data center or
Hands-on experience with exotic cooling like dry ice, phase change and LN2 cooling systems.

Refrigeration Expert

We are looking for a new team member who is familiar with 2 phase refrigeration loops, water chillers or HVAC installations. Can navigate catalogues of suppliers like Danfoss and Swagelok. Experience in maintaining or designing HVAC or refrigeration systems preferably in the commercial space.

Advanced understanding of vapor compression systems.
Basic understanding of thermodynamic processes present in phase change cooling systems.

Highly valuable:
Experience designing, assembling or maintaining high-pressure CO2 cooling systems.

Data Centre Expert

We are looking for an individual who is familiar with the data center industry. Able to identify pain points that data centres and their suppliers have. Comfortable with industry-specific terms, able to talk with industry experts on complex server-related topics.

Basic understanding of a server
Basic understanding of data center infrastructure
A clear understanding of the data center industry.

Highly valuable:
Hands-on experience in a data center
Hands-on experience at a datacentre supplier
Experience with whole datacentre supply chain ecosystem.

Intern with us