XL Day 2019

XL Day 2019

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Q: Building new DEEP TECH VENTURES in just 9 MONTHS?!
Q: Are you NUTS?

A: NO, we are Eindhoven!

Photo: Terry Boud, Dispatches Europe

That was the theme of the 9th edition of Hightechxl’s end of acceleration programme event XL Day.

XL Day celebrated the venture teams’ acceleration from zero to 100 – from mere concepts last year to headline-making startups this year – with a crowd of more than 200. The 2019 event was different than previous years in that it attracted a large Amsterdam contingent, noted HighTechXL CEO and co-founder Guus Frericks.

Speaking of Incooling, Tuesday was graduation day for Incooling, Aircision and Dynaxion, HighTechXL’s three deep-tech startups built around technology based that on CERN in Switzerland.

  • As Incooling, which uses CERN’s CO2 cooling technology, we have raised more than 600,000 euros; won the Elektor Startup Games in Utrecht, Netherlands; won a ticket to Taipei to pitch and then won the media pitch at InnoVEX. And we’re set to return to Taiwan in August for AWS Startup Days. Moreover we received a wild card to join 150 of the world’s top startups at Get in the Ring’s Global Meetup earlier this month and selected to join 2,000 startups at Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Den Haag. And that doesn’t even take into account the fact that we are already working with some of the largest tech companies in the world. All this in 9 months… what will happen in a year? Follow us to keep in the cool loop!

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