It’s the perfect storm

In the last two years, we have created more data than in it the entire human history. This has resulted in new advances in chip technology as well an increased number of Data Centres which then store all this data. Looking at the current trends, Data Centres will use 20% of all electricity available resulting in massive CO2 impact equal to that of aviation and shipping industries combined. Given the current fight against climate change and push towards more sustainable energy solutions, Incooling focuses on increasing the energy efficiency via more sustainable cooling practises in Data Centres where cooling accounts for more than 40% of its energy bills. It’s time to act now!

About Incooling

It all started in 2018 when the largest companies of Eindhoven tech ecosystem decided to work together using CERN developed technology to create strategically important deep tech ventures.

“Incooling is not a technology company. It’s in the people business”.

It is not often when the industry giants come together and work on a common cause. However, we find ourselves right in the heart of it, in the heart of the high-tech industry. This brings unfair advantage, being next door decision-makers, global leaders as our partners and best-in-industry talent places us in front of the pack. Combining that, with technology form the largest scientific experiment on the planet, we have a solid position to disrupt the industry.

Our Partners

Help us cool down the planet, one server at a time.