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It’s the perfect storm

In the last two years, we have created more data than in it the entire human history. This has resulted in new advances in chip technology and an increased number of Data Centres which then store all this data. Looking at the current trends, Data Centres will use 20% of all electricity available resulting in massive CO2 impact equal to that of aviation and shipping industries combined. Given the current fight against climate change and push towards more sustainable energy solutions, Incooling focuses on increasing the energy efficiency via more sustainable cooling practises in Data Centres where cooling accounts for more than 40% of its energy bills. It’s time to act now!


We have based our inspiration on CERN developed technology and designed next-generation phase change cooling systems.

Our cooling system is a direct-to-chip system installation, addressing the heat issue right at the source, which means no energy is wasted at cooling the infrastructure that doesn’t require it.

Our proprietary pressure control system allows for accurate temperature control; you can maintain your chip at the temperature you require in real-time. This enables best in class reliability and ensures your performance never fails.


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Incooling was founded after a joint initiative of Eindhoven Start-up Alliance supported by ASML and Philips, led by HightechXL deep tech venture building program to create strategically important ventures to strengthen region’s position in the deep tech start-up ecosystem. With a mission to cool down the planet one server at a time, Incooling adapted the unique properties of phase change cooling and created next-generation cooling systems dedicated to achieving the data centre industry's full potential.

Photo: Guus Frericks, CEO Hightechxl, Co-founder Incooling 

Our Mission - to cool down the planet one server at a time. 

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