Mechatronics Engineer

Job summary

As a mechatronics engineer, you will be responsible for the control systems running the cooling technology in our servers. You will be the main connection towards external software and control providers, as well as the leading team member in R&D towards improved system control. It is also expected that you are comfortable with some more mechanical tasks and have an interest in computer hardware. Advanced coding skills are preferred and basic thermodynamic understanding is a bonus.


  • Be the technical team’s leading member in understanding and integrating cooling system control and additional electrical components.
  • Research future iterations of system control, to enhance the reactionary performance (response time) of Incooling’s cooling systems.
  • Identify technical bottlenecks, conduct root-cause analysis and map out resolution when designing relevant solutions, including appropriate test procedures.
  • Design and develop PCB’s for power distribution and control components in of the cooling systems.
  • Select or design appropriate electromechanical components/sub-components and ensuring their functionality.
  • Develop (web) interfaces to gather and analyse performance data of the cooling systems (DAQ).
  • Maintain engineering documents with appropriate data in a professional manner.

Skills, Experience & Qualifications

  • BSc or MSc in Mechatronics, Electrical Engineering, Systems & Control or similar fields;
  • 2+ years of experience in mechatronics engineering (combined mechanical and electronics skills) for complex hardware systems.
  • Familiarity with the coding of control systems.
  • Multidisciplinary skill set (you could be expected to perform engineering tasks outside original job profile).
  • Able to take the initiative and act quickly to drive solutions.
  • Eager to learn about new technologies and find new solutions.
  • Advanced programming skills, and eager to learn possible new coding languages.
  • Passionate about sustainability & willing to share the company mission.

Bonus Skills

  • Have a passion for computer hardware and overclocking.
  • Experience in the field of thermodynamics and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems.
  • Preferably you have practical experience in managing server-like electronic systems.
  • Have experience in assembling computers.


Why work with us

At Incooling, you will work alongside a young and talented team and seasoned entrepreneurs. The team is composed of many distinct nationalities; therefore, the primary working language is English. Start-up life brings excitement and flexibility and by working with us, you will experience close working relationships with all of your colleagues and unlimited potential for growth opportunities. 

  • A company with a strong sustainability focus,
  • English as the main working language,
  • A diverse team with talented young and experienced team members previously part of the executive board in companies such as Philips, NXP, Arduino just to name a few,
  • Exposure to working with leading international customers and partners,
  • Start-up flexibility, excitement, and strong exposure to the entrepreneurial ecosystem,
  • Benefits including gym memberships, team events with arguably the best tea and coffee on the High-Tech Campus,
  • The coolest company in the smartest square kilometre in Europe 😉 .