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Incooling selected to accelerate Intel's internal next-generation chip roadmap

After running eight batches of acceleration exclusively with internal innovators, Intel® GrowthX has opened its doors to external startups for the first time. Batch 9 features two cool startups – Incooling & CloudValley, building proofs of concept (POCs) that marries Intel’s core technologies with their own to bring new innovations & experiences to the ecosystem while creating business growth opportunities for both.

Incooling: Next-Gen chip cooling technology derived from Large Hadron Collider

Hailing from the Netherlands, Incooling is another startup recruited by GrowthX. The company develops innovative chip cooling solutions inspired by technology at CERN used in the Large Hadron Collider – the largest scientific experiment in the world. Incooling’s design makes use of a next-generation phase-change cooling system for Data Centers that allows for more efficient heat dissipation and creates an optimal thermal environment for high-density processors.

The startup has a proven track record having established partnerships with server manufacturers GIGABYTE, in addition to recently being awarded the first European Innovation CoSta Award together with ASML for the most successful and impactful innovation collaboration between a corporate and a startup.

Incooling has kickstarted the acceleration project at GrowthX, providing a new possibility for Intel to break through the barrier of Moore’s Law of integrated circuits. The team is also building a proof of concept in the “High Frequency Financial Trading” segment. The co-development aims not only at leapfrogging the technology but also to bring more opportunities to the entire computing industry.

CloudValley and Incooling are the first independent startups to collaborate with Intel through the GrowthX Open Innovation Platform. Kapil Kane, cofounder & Program Director at GrowthX, sees this as a positive step towards accelerating Intel’s business growth through open innovation and believes that we’ll see more startups building deep partnerships with Intel through this platform. At the same time, he’s excited to see entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs under one roof exchanging ideas and creating new innovations at GrowthX.

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