At Incooling we are designing world's fastest and energy efficient high performance servers.

Our proven solution is a HPC custom-built server that can achieve the fastest clock speeds in the market. 

With our proprietary cooling design and control, we are able to quickly respond to the fluctuating heat loads, adjusting itself to maintain the processor always within safe temperature ranges.

By achieving temperature stability that is efficient and reliable we enable your server to achieve its full potential.

Where is HPC used?

Software Compiling

Software Compiling often requires large amounts of computing and is not always scalable. Every time a modification is made to the underlaying code, a new compiling process must take place. Incooling is able to help by increasing the CPU speed and optimising memory bandwidth allowing for a much faster compiling time.

General Engineering and Design

Nearly every man-made object in the modern world has been designed with digital tools, CAD being the backbone of modern engineering it is used to replace manual drawings allowing the creation of complex components and machinery. These digital drawings require fast computing to run smoothly allowing the engineer to work efficiently. Further innovations in the CAD space are leveraging AI and real-time simulations putting even more pressure on the IT infrastructure.

Sequential Simulations

Many simulation solutions cannot be scaled over multiple servers and need to be optimised by accelerating the individual cores itself. Incooling is able to accelerate the speed of compute through custom overclocking – resulting  in more freedom in simulations and faster completed tasks.

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Use cases

High Performance Computing 




Game & Video Animations

Banking, HFT & Security