Tailored Cooling Solutions

We believe in innovation and diversity. That’s why we are continuously working on ensuring that our solutions are adapted to the needs of our stakeholders. Whether it’s creating the next generation fintech solution or enabling autonomous driving, together with our partners we are at the forefront of innovation to make sure that you keep your cool.


Self-driving cars are no longer science fiction; driverless cars are already a reality. With increased personal safety, increased mobility for non-drivers and reduced transportation issues, autonomous driving technologies are set to transform the current mobility trends on a global scale. But with new opportunities also come new challenges. Autonomous driving requires a lot of computational efforts that need to have the optimal environment to prevent critical failure. We are working on cool technologies that will create long-lasting solutions and become part of the opportunities that lay ahead.

Edge Computing

Edge computing enables the wireless future. Faster, on-site based computing allows for expansion of 5G, IoT or AI to accelerate innovation through real-time data collection and analysis for business-critical industrial applications. It maximises the operational efficiency, business performance and safety and automates all core business processes, and the reliability is key. We are working on future-proof technology that will allow your server to stay cool no matter the conditions outside so you can operate in every location across the world.


The rise of fintech has forever changed the way companies do business and is radically changing how we live as a society and how we do business professionally. It is an area that is rapidly expanding, and in its world latency is a no go. We believe that innovation goes hand in hand with speed, which is why we invest in creating cooling systems operating at the speed of sound.  If you’re a trader and looking to beat your competition – keep cool and find out more.

Hyperscale Computing

We depend on Data Centres the same way we depend on electricity. These powerhouses enable the world’s modern functioning of today and more importantly, tomorrow. From booking your holiday ticket to streaming your favourite cat video. From the moment you wake up until you go to sleep. Computing environments that efficiently scale from tens to thousands of servers will power any demand you have at any point in time. We are here to ensure that your Data Centre runs as efficiently as possible and never loses it’s cool.