Coming from the start-up background, we have kept the dynamic way of working, allowing individuals to take ownership of their roles and becoming decision-makers from the start.

Being part of Incooling means you will have a broad and entrepreneurial role in a dynamic & exciting environment with the opportunity to grow rapidly alongside our company’s growth while you truly see the results of your efforts and added value. All of our team members are enthusiastic individuals with a can-do attitude, who are not afraid of being challenged and are striving to learn continuously. If this is something that motivates you, check out the available positions, send us your personal motivation alongside with your CV and let’s discover opportunities together!

Fulltime positions

System Architect

As a system architect at Incooling, you will become part of the company’s technical team and play a major role in driving the technical road map for our next generation cool products portfolio.

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Overclocking Computer Specialist

As overclocking expert, you will be responsible for creating and executing cool test plans on custom Incooling hardware and CPU / GPU based server platforms. We strive to improve not only efficiency but also the performance of next-generation servers, making overclocking as part of our DNA.

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HVAC/Cooling System Expert

As the cooling system expert, you will help to guide the team in the world of high-performance cooling. The role requires extensive knowledge on refrigeration manufacturing, installation and maintenance, which will be used to design 2 phase cooling systems. You will assist the technical team on integrating full cooling systems directly inside the servers and cool where it matters the most.

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Engineering intern in Energy Field

During your internship at Incooling you will be part of the team that is developing the next
generation cooling systems for the data centre industry.

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