Incooling returns to CES 2021

Capturing CO2 and cooling hot chips; these Eindhoven startups go to the world's largest tech fair

EINDHOVEN - Normally, innovative Eindhoven is getting ready for a trip to Las Vegas these days. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the world's largest technology fair, will take place there in January. This year the fair is online, and participants from this region and worldwide present themselves. Today part two, about CO2 capture and hot chips.


Photos, cat videos or online navigation, we are using online services and send data back and forth all the time. Our hunger will never be satisfied. But all that data has to be processed somewhere. This happens in buildings full of servers, where the temperature steadily rises with a lot of data traffic. Energy is needed to cool those data centres, resulting in massive energy consumptions.

Cooling is often done with fans or air conditioners. Incooling from Eindhoven came up with a different solution. It is a lot more efficient. "We don't cool the air in a centre, but the chips in a server", says Incooling co-founder Helena Samodurova (25).

These chips are the source of all heat. Incooling keeps them at a constant temperature by placing a cooling block directly on the chip. "We provide a temperature that is always stable," says Samodurova.

At CES, she is looking for investments and companies that want to test run with Incooling. "Our system is ready to be tested in a real environment."

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